Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is a frequently used term but often misunderstood when it comes to how it impacts our modern life. The Society for Artificial Intelligence seeks to introduce students to what A.I. is and working with others on team projects. Regardless of your experience with computers or programming, all BYU-I students are welcome to come and collaborate with us in order to become more familiar with this exciting field. We have worked on several A.I. projects in the Society including topics in game development, robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Our Meetings

Meetings are held on Thursdays from 6p.m.-7p.m. in STC 385. Those interested are also welcome to join our Slack workplace to participate. They can access the Slack workplace at



Scott Burton


Chad Kopelowitz

Vice President

Colten Larson


Kobe Kennereley




Amanda Ventley

last update: 1/28/2020