Graduate School Fairs

Graduate School Fairs are currently combined with the semi-annual Career Fair.

Over 50 Graduate School programs have been represented at our last fairs. Recruiters typically host booths at the fair where they distribute information and hand out materials.

Many programs also hold additional "information sessions" - formal or informal presentations - in conjunction with the fair.

Check out the Career Fair page for details on the next event.

Questions and tips to prepare to speak with Graduate School Representatives


  • Do advanced research on the schools and programs that will be represented at the fair. Click here for a list of schools and the programs they will be representing.
  • Research and prioritize your top schools and prepare questions to ask the representatives about their programs.
  • Bring a stack of your business cards with your email address and areas of interest.
  • Prepare answers for questions you might be asked. For example, representatives may ask you about: your plans after graduation; when you plan to attend graduate school, etc.
  • Dress in business attire. Remember you want to make a good first impression. You want to project an appearance that says you are mature and serious.
  • Arrive and give yourself plenty of time to review the layout of the room and school's displays and information.
  • Visit the schools you are most interested in first.


  • An informed and focused set of questions will convey to the representative that you are truly interested in graduate schools.
  • Your questions allow the representative to treat you as an individual.
  • Here are a variety of questions for each field of study to help you get the most out of your visit:

Follow Up

  • Review all the printed materials, DVDs etc. that you collected at the fair. Find out what additional information they provide. Look for more detailed information about the degree programs on their websites.
  • Use the contact information collected at the fair. Ask for assistance in connecting you to additional people on campus who might help you such as the departmental advisor and fellowship office.
  • Find out if they will be having on-campus visitation days in the fall. Are these open or by invitiation?  Do they assist with the cost of travel?
  • Find out if there are summer research programs on campus that will allow you an in-depth experience prior to applying.