Choose a Law School

How do I evaluate law schools?

Many factors influence your choice in picking a law school.  Below is a list of common types of considerations.

  • Student Body
  • Faculty
  • Library and Physical Facilities
  • Curriculum
  • Types of programs offered e.g. Joint-Degree and LLM, student journals, moot court competitions, clinical programs, student organizations and academic support.
  • Career Services and Employment

You can go to on the Law School Admission Council [LSAC} webpage to take a closer look at these considerations.  Because personal evaluations are subjective, these factors will differ in importance from student to student based on their priorities and preferences.

To rank your preferences for law schools, you can go to the law school search engine on LSAC [] to customize your searches and save them to your LSAC account.

How do I assess myself realistically?

Law schools provide their admission data and profiles directly to the American Bar Association [ABA] and LSAC. This can help an applicant know if his GPA and LSAT score will be a good fit for their institution  You can go to  to explore law school options for your GPA and LSAT scores.  Knowing if your GPA and LSAT fit the admissions profile for a school will help you avoid unnecessary expenses you would incur by applying to a school that you don't qualify for.

We recommend the following sources of information to learn about law schools.

  • Go to each school's admission website.
  • Meet law school representatives at law school forums or events.
  • Talk to a law school graduate.
  • See and experience the school for yourself by visiting the law school and taking a tour of their campus.

You can go to to learn more about these great resources.

How can I help law schools find me?

The Candidate Referral Service [CRS] is a free service you can register for through LSAC. It makes information about law school candidates available to law schools. Law schools may recruit potential applicants on the basis of specific characteristics. If you establish an account for any purpose, you may authorize release of your credentials to law schools participating in CRS. You can be found through CRS by law schools you might not otherwise have considered.