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Law School Questions

Below is a list of commonly used questions for graduate school interviews and questions to be researched when seeking a graduate program.

  • How does your law school review applications?
  • What is the advantage to applying early?
  • How do you evaluate multiple LSAT scores?
  • How is the first year program organized?
  • Do you offer law school study abroad programs?
  • What is your student to faculty ratio? How would you describe your student/faculty relationship?
  • What percent of graduating students find jobs?  How many of those jobs come from on-campus recruiting?
  • What percent of graduates practice in the region where the law school is located?
  • How many students find summer or part-time employment during law school?
  • What do your students like most about your school? Least?
  • How would you describe the atmosphere both on and off your campus?
  • What makes the ambiance at your law school special?
  • Do you offer merit or need based scholarships and grants? If so, what criteria do you use?
  • How do most of your students pay for school?