The general education program at BYU-Idaho is called Foundations. These courses have been created with the goal of helping students build a strong base for their education and life. All BYU-Idaho students complete the same Foundation requirements except for students pursuing an associate's degree in applied science (AAS). For details, see the catalog. Foundation classes are divided into five groups: Eternal Truths, Academic Fundamentals, Science, Cultural Awareness, and Connections. For more information please visit the Foundations webpage.

Please note that some associate degrees, transfer credits, AP credits, and concurrent enrollment credits may cover some of the Foundation requirements. Please see Getting Started for details.

Foundations Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I transferred to BYU-Idaho with an associate degree, but I am still required to take Family Foundations (FDREL 200). I thought my degree would satisfy all Foundation requirements. Can you explain why I need this course plus remaining religion credits?

A: Family Foundations is a course unique to our goal of developing disciple-leaders at BYU-Idaho. The learning opportunity in this courses will be a valuable part of the student experience and is required for everyone that attends BYU-Idaho. Fourteen credits of religion are required for bachelor-degree seeking students. Religion credits are adjusted based on how many credits you have transferred to BYU-Idaho. Please see this chart that shows how this works.

Q: My goal is to transfer to BYU. What classes will transfer?

A: We recommend that students desiring to transfer complete their associate degree before leaving. Transferring with your finished associate degree will make the transfer process smoother; however it isn't a complete guarantee. It is recommended that potential transfer students work with an academic advisor at BYU for the best help and guidance. BYU transfer advisors can be reached at 801-422-2507 or

Q: I am a transfer student and have taken courses that could be counted in both the Foundations and Major requirements. Can I use the same course to satisfy both Foundations and Major requirements?

A: No. Transfer courses can be used to satisfy either Foundations or Major requirements, but not both.