Handling Holds and Restrictions

Academic Holds


The AASW requires you to participate in an Achieving Academic Success Workshop. Click here for more information on this workshop.

Hich Credit Restriction

Click here for more Information.

Other Restrictions

The following shows other restrictions that may prevent you from registering for courses. These restrictions generally show on your My BYUI page. You can clear the restrictions by following the instructions and links contained within the messages.

Continuing Endorsement

You must submit a Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement before you will be cleared to register. Information about submitting your Ecclesiastical Endorsement is available online at Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement. For additional information you may contact the Student Honor Office at 208-496-9300.

Note: you must still submit an endorsement if you are going to be on an internship, as you will be registered for an academic course.

Graduation Hold

Graduation Reg Hold (GREG) - You are not eligible to register for classes because you have already applied to graduate. Please contact the Student Records & Registration Office by email at graduation@byui.edu or by phone at (208) 496-1000 for additional information and assistance.

Insurance Restriction

You must select BYU-Idaho health insurance or submit an insurance waiver before you will be cleared to register.

Note - this is generally not a restriction requiring you to "pay" for your insurance - the restriction is there because you haven't confirmed whether you'll be purchasing BYUI insurance or submitting a waiver for the semester. Until you have gotten the restriction lifted, you will not be able to register for classes.

One way to access the insurance info is to log in to your My BYUI account, then click on the "add/drop courses" link. You will then see the notice, and can click on the link from there. This will not be on your "financial" tab, because you haven't purchased insurance yet.

If you have submitted your insurance information and the restriction still shows on your account, please contact the Student Insurance office for more information, at 208-496-9331 or in 174 Student Health Center.

Accounting/Financial Restriction

You have an amount that is owing to BYU-Idaho, and you will need to contact the Accounting Office to take care of this issue before you will be cleared to register.

KIM 130, 208-496-1050


Student Honor Restrictions

If you have been restricted from registering by the Student Honor Office, you will need to check with the Student Honor Office to have Honor Code restrictions lifted.

KIM 230, 208-496-9300


Academic Suspension

May be lifted through the Student Records and Registration Office

KIM 190, 208-496-1042