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Four Year Roadmap

It's never too early to begin thinking about where you are headed upon graduation from college. Below is an outline of things you can do, as a freshman and even earlier, to get a head start on your employment search. It's a great plan, and you should strive to hit as many points as possible.

Your step-by-step plan should be to familiarize, choose, plan, act and perfect.

Pre-College - Familiarize

  • Review all information sent to you.
  • Locate planning resources, including the student portal, "My BYUI".
  • Explore the Academic Discovery Center website for ideas on how to be successful.
  • Engage in exploring majors, occupations, career options.
  • Register for your first semester of classes.
  • Find out who is assigned to be your Faculty Mentor.

Freshman Year - Choose

  • Attend Get Connected.
  • Continue exploring academic and career options.
  • Look into programs that will assist you - Foundations, Career Explorations (GS100), etc.
  • Attend the Majors Fair.
  • Select a major.
  • Visit your satellite advising center (or the main office if you are still undecided).
  • Learn about Academic Support resources (tutoring, etc).
  • Understand Academic Policies.
  • Introduce yourself to your Faculty Mentor.
  • Check out the "Getting Started" website.
  • Log in to Career Navigator, complete your profile and become familiar with its different features.
  • Learn about different societies and activities available on-campus; become involved with those offerings that will help you gain experiences you can use on your résumé.
  • Keep a record of activities in which you are involved that you can use on your résumé—record accomplishments and leadership experiences; these will be very helpful as you begin writing your résumé.

Sophomore Year - Plan

  • Create a graduation success plan, submit your plan with the Graduation Planner.
  • Visit with your department internship coordinator to learn about experiential learning guidelines for your department - internships, student teaching or clinicals. Plan how and when you will complete your experience.
  • Attend a Career Workshop.
  • Continue your involvement in extracurricular activities related to your major.
  • Explore Career Preparation Services. Write a résumé, and schedule appointments to review your documents and practice your interview skills.
  • Visit with your Faculty Mentor for advice on preparing to enter the industry and what to expect from experiential learning.
  • Drop by the Career & Internship Fairs to begin networking for the future and learn about options for your experiential learning experience.
  • Begin applying for internships in anticipation of your internship between your junior and senior years (or when appropriate for your department).
  • Sign up to receive emails of upcoming on-campus interviewing opportunities through Career Navigator; you will be notified of opportunities that match your preferences.

Junior Year - Act

  • Meet with your Faculty Mentor to learn more about graduate schools and your industry choices
  • Actively network.
  • Consider going on an internship expedition to learn more about potential internship providers.
  • Attend the BYU-Idaho Career & Internship Fairs; research employers of interest before you go and give them targeted résumés, indicating your interest in internship or career opportunities.
  • Add content to your résumé and refine what you have already done to develop a crisp, tailored résumé—schedule an appointment with a Career Preparation Mentor to review your documents and advice on how to create a targeted cover letter.
  • Complete a mock interview with a student mentor before interviewing for internships.
  • Prepare for graduate school entrance exams and applications.
  • Participate in Professional Societies on campus. Continue your involvement in extracurricular activities related to your major; consider seeking leadership positions within those organizations to further bolster your résumé.

Senior Year - Perfect

  • Perfect your skills - career preparation, résumé and cover letters, interviews and networking.
  • Become a mentor yourself.
  • Attend Grad Fest.
  • Complete an advanced internship as a stepping stone into your career.
  • Use your senior year as a time to be actively seeking full-time employment—if you are two months out from graduation, and you are just beginning to apply for positions, you are probably too late to have a position lined up when you graduate.
  • Drop by the Career & Internship Fairs; by now, recruiters who have seen you at several fairs will recognize you and appreciate your continued interest in their organization.
  • Discuss with your faculty mentor any last minute advice on going out into the world, industry tips, and other information you'll need to be successful after graduation. Be sure to thank them for mentoring you throughout your years at BYU-Idaho.
  • Apply to graduate schools.
  • Apply for graduation.