Planning Early

You are encouraged to complete your university experience in a timely manner. This enables BYU-Idaho to serve more students.

All BYU-Idaho students benefit from the sacred tithing dollars allocated to this university. These funds offset the cost of higher education, making it more accessible to all types of students. We want to extend this privilege to as many youth of the church as possible, so it is imperative that each student engage in proper planning to make the most of their time at BYU-Idaho.

The following academic policies are to help you along in your goal of earning a college degree:

Degree Progress - This requirement holds all students accountable for making progress towards their declared major each semester. Students with low degree progress percentages will be contacted by the Academic Discovery Center. Advisors will help you with your goals, class planning, and share resources with you to guide you to make timely progress through your chosen academic program. Failure to make proper degree progress could result in academic probation and suspension from school.

Changing Majors, Minors and Clusters -  Students desiring to change their major must submit a graduation plan to do so.  Certain majors, if not started in your freshman or sophomore year, may not be available to you as a junior or senior. Students who are high in credits may also be required to submit graduation plans when desiring to change minors or clusters.