Degree Audit

A degree audit is used to show which degree requirements you have already met, what you are currently working on, and what requirements you have yet to meet. The degree audit is extremely helpful in planning for a timely graduation and is the same audit that our Registrar will use to assess your completion of degree requirements to grant your diploma.

To access your degree audit, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your My BYUI account with your net id and password.
  2. Select the Student tab, then Degree Information, then View All Details.
  3. From here, you can either select a certain section of your degree and click on it until you see required courses in that section, or you can select the PDF degree audit which will bring up all requirements.

The header of the degree audit contains your declared major, emphasis (if applicable), minor or clusters (if applicable), as well as chosen catalog years.

The PDF degree audit is designed to highlight the sections and courses yet to be taken with an "Incomplete" status. When a section is complete, unused options collapse and only the completed course(s) remain.

The body of the degree audit shows updated status in the following sections:

  • Total number of credits toward degree (120 credits are required for a bachelor's degree; 60 for an associate's degree.)
  • Upper-division credit (30 credits of 300-level or higher courses is required.)
  • Foundations requirements (or GE requirements for those in 2007 or prior catalog years)
  • Major requirements
  • Emphasis/Minor/Cluster requirements, if applicable
  • Courses that are in progress (IP)
  • Courses that are transfer (T) or those that have been substituted for others (S)
  • Courses that are presently unused in the degree audit (elective)

If you have questions or concerns about the accuracy of your degree audit, please contact the Academic Discovery Center for your major.