Technology and Education

Why online courses?

BYU-Idaho students and their parents sometimes wonder why the university asks on-campus students to enroll in online courses. It may be helpful to understand what online courses are like at BYU-Idaho and the tremendous role technology plays in deepening the learning experience. 

A great first choice

While some may view online courses as a substitute or a fallback for an on-campus face-to-face course, at BYU-Idaho online courses are far more than a second choice. The curriculum in our online courses is the same curriculum in on campus courses - simply delivered online. Our courses provide rich interactive experiences with other students and instructors. There may be reasons to choose an online course for flexibility of time or schedule, but many students see online courses as a great first choice as they plan their education. 

Technology and the Future

BYU-Idaho is bringing technology to bear on education in a far more pervasive and powerful way than ever before, both in the classroom and in the creation of online courses. These courses offer a dynamic learning opportunity that elevates the entire educational experience. Having participated in online courses, students will be better prepared for the mixed-media, tech-savvy world they will enter after graduation.

Take a closer look

As you consider how to take advantage of online courses in your BYU-Idaho experience, it may be helpful to look a little closer. Watch this short video to learn more about what to expect, who can take courses, how grades work, and many other helpful facts about BYU-Idaho online courses.