Flexible Degree Structures

Because BYU-Idaho is committed to providing you with an innovative educational experience, the university has built greater flexibility and versatility into your degree options.

Our bachelor's degrees are organized into four simple structures highlighted below. Each has its unique characteristics that may give you:

  • Clearer guidelines to choose the right major
  • Greater freedom to utilize elective credits
  • Greater flexibility to build your own degree
  • Earlier graduation—saving time and money
Flexible Degrees Image

Standard Degree:

  • 40-55 credits in major
  • No minor or clusters required
  • 40 Foundations credits
  • Elective credits to reach 120 credits

These majors allow you to use your elective credits that best fit your career & life goals.

List of Standard Degrees

Integrated Standard Degree:

  • Up to 67 credits in major
  • 40 Foundations credits
  • Elective credits to reach 120 credits

These majors may require you to integrate a minor or cluster to complement your degree.

List of Integrated Standard Degrees

Specialized Degree:

  • Up to 80 credits in major
  • 40 Foundations credits
  • Limited elective credits

These majors require high credits to satisfy accreditation or certification requirements.

List of Specialized Degrees

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree:

  • Select a Concentration (30-36 credits)
  • Add one of the following:
    • One minor, or
    • Two clusters, or
    • 2nd concentration

This degree is for students who want flexibility in creating their own degree.

Interdisciplinary Studies Webpage 
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