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Internship Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure a student's experience is valuable.

  • All internships must be directly related to a student’s major.
  • Students should receive valuable instruction and guidance from a qualified mentor or supervisor.
  • Shadowing is not typically approved, unless it is coupled with other hands-on experience.
  • Interships must be registered on Career Navigator (click Register and Post a Job at BYU-Idaho).
  • A Master Agreement — a document outlining the responsibilities of the intern, university and employer — must be signed and on file with the BYU-Idaho Internship Office. This will ensure that the intern is covered by the university's liability policy.
  • An internship should typically last the length of a semester (13 weeks).
    • January – April (Winter)
    • April – July (Spring)
    • September – December (Fall)
  • Students must work a minimum of 15 hours per week; 40 hours per week is preferred.
  • Students will be required to fulfill academic course work during their internship.
  • Students and employers will need to complete a post-internship evaluation. Evaluation responses are not shared with the student without permission.

Any questions should be directed to the Internship Office (208) 496-9827.