FAQs for Employers

Q: How do I find a BYU-Idaho intern?

A: To find an intern you can post an internship on Career Navigator. If you have never posted a job or internship on Career Navigator you will need to register.

Q: What is the Master Agreement?

A: The Master Agreement is a legally binding contract that protects the student, the experience provider and the university. By having the document in place, the intern is covered by the university's liability insurance policy. The agreement also details the responsibilities of each party during an internship.

Q: What is my responsibility if I hire a BYU-Idaho intern?

A:  Your basic responsibilities will be to provide supervision, meaningful opportunities & responsibilities, and valuable training. For full details see the master agreement.

Q: Do I need to pay the intern?

A:  Compensation is to be defined by provider and intern prior to employment start date. Pay is usually determined by experience and industry standards.

Q: What is my responsibility regarding Workman's Compensation?

A:  Responsibilities vary by state. Please contact your state's Workman's Compensation Program, or click here for a link to your state's website.

Q: What do I do if there is a problem with my intern?

A:  If you have already discussed the problem with the intern and it has persisted, please contact our office. We will assist you if we can or refer you to the intern's faculty coordinator.

Q: Does the student carry any liability coverage?

A:  All BYU-Idaho students who are out on internships, student teaching assignments or nursing clinicals are covered by the university's liability insurance policy. For information regarding the policy or certificate of coverage, please contact our office.