Mentor and Intern

"The world is changing. To keep pace, BYU-Idaho is rethinking education. Our approach is both innovative and responsive to the needs of students and industry alike. Internships now play a vital role in our academic programs. These internships, especially when combined with integrated degrees, will better prepare graduates to make worthwhile contributions by giving them greater depth and breadth of understanding."

-David A. Bednar

President (1997-2004) of BYU–Idaho


The Academic Discovery Center is the central location to help organize, promote, and coordinate the internship process. This office will help with legal problems, act as a resource center, ensure academic consistency, coordinate internship information, and assist with paperwork.

A department internship coordinator is assigned to each academic department / major to assist with the understanding and arrangement of each academic internship experience. Each department coordinator determines what a student can and cannot do for their internship, how many hours they need to work, what assignments they must complete while working, etc.

If you are interested in hosting an intern, contact the appropriate department coordinator for more information on individual department requirements, or read the additional topics for details on participating in this fantastic program.