Track System

BYU-Idaho operates year-round with three semesters: Fall, Winter, Spring, with an optional abbreviated summer session. Each student is admitted to a track consisting of two semesters: Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, or Spring/Fall. Students can enroll in classes only for the two semesters of their assigned track and remain on the same track for the duration of their time at BYU-Idaho.

Track System Break Down


The three-track system also allows students one open semester each year. This provides the perfect opportunity to take on a full-time internship during various times of the year. This is especially convenient for businesses that might otherwise have difficulty finding interns during the fall and winter semesters, when most other students would be in school.

Students are encouraged to serve their internship when they are "off-track". By doing an internship during an "on" track when they should be taking courses, a student may delay their graduation. However, it is up to the student and their department coordinator to determine the best time for a student to complete their experience.

At this time, most departments do not allow internships solely during the Summer Session (July & August). Students should be diligent in assessing their department's guidelines. Experiences may begin in the Spring semester and run through the Summer Session, or start in the Summer Session and run through the Fall semester. Questions should be directed to the Academic Discovery Center.