Request a Presentation

Academic Discovery Center Presentation

Dear Colleagues:

We appreciate your assistance in helping us inform students about our services, and we would like to extend our services to your classrooms and departments.

Our staff members can speak to your class about a variety of career-related topics:

  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Course and Graduation Planning
  • Career Planning and Job Searching
  • Internships and Hub Expeditions
  • Career Preparation: Resumes & Cover Letters, Interview Skills
  • Networking

Here are suggestions for utilizing ADC staff in your classrooms:

  • Arrange to have a speaker from the Academic Discovery Center on the date of a planned absence
  • Schedule a 5-10 minute presentation during the class period
  • Schedule a speaker for all or the majority of a class period
  • Choose to have all topics covered briefly or have a focus session on one of the topics

Arrangements can be made by contacting the Academic Discovery Center for your college, by contacting the main office, or using the Request a Presentation online form.

We look forward to our continued partnerships!