A New Kind of University

Two female students at graduation day

What Makes BYU-Idaho a New Kind of University?

This historic institution is embarked on a journey of growth and progress that began in 1888 and continued with the divinely inspired decision to transform Ricks College into a four-year university in 2000. Since then, BYU-Idaho has broken new ground in higher education with innovative academic offerings, ways to serve more students, and programs focused on student development. BYU-Idaho is embarked on a continual path of rethinking education as it strives to provide students with outstanding educational opportunities.

The Announcement

Anxious students and employees gathered in the Hart Auditorium on June 21, 2000 to hear what has affectionately become known as "the announcement." Read the historic message given by President Gordon B. Hinckley that initiated the transition to a new kind of university.

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Steady Upward Course

In September 2002, President Henry B. Eyring delivered a devotional address that has become foundational to BYU-Idaho's innovation and progress. Discover the school's divinely inspired mission and its distinctive charge to move along a steady upward course.

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Student Activities Program

As a unique element of a BYU-Idaho education, the Student Activities Program provides participants with numerous opportunities to be involved, develop leadership, strengthen mentoring abilities, and serve others. An array of year-round activities is offered in six core areas.

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Internship Program

At BYU-Idaho, most students complete a rigorous academic internship as a central part of their educational experience. These internships uniquely prepare students for their future careers by providing a meaningful experiential learning opportunity and invaluable hands-on experience.

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President Clark's Inaugural Address

Enthusiasm permeated the Hart Auditorium as President Kim B. Clark delivered his inaugural address. From these inspired remarks, BYU-Idaho has experienced a season of powerful new ideas and creativity that continues to guide the university today.

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Year-round Calendar

Central to BYU-Idaho's academic innovations is its distinctive three-semester calendaring system. Students are admitted to two of three semesters, allowing thousands of additional students to attend each year while better utilizing campus resources.

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The Learning Model

Centered on a faith-building educational process known as the Learning Model, BYU-Idaho provides a gospel-centered environment focused on active teaching and experiential learning. This consistent framework for instruction emphasizes individual preparation, collaborative interaction, and reflective learning opportunities.

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In fall of 2008, BYU-Idaho instituted an ambitious rethinking of traditional general education. Instead of conventional survey courses, Foundations classes are more focused, with the goal of helping students build a strong base for their education and throughout their lives.

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Online Learning

BYU-Idaho is breaking down traditional classroom barriers while expanding educational opportunities for students both on- and off-campus. A distinctive hybrid of online and in-class environments provides students with a high-quality learning experience and greater flexibility.

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As the name suggests, this pioneering program provides individuals a passageway to educational opportunities regardless of where they live or where they eventually receive their degree. Pathway students study primarily online, but also meet regularly at institutes of religion, which serve as gathering places for course discussion and assignment activities.

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Personal Honor

Being true at all times is core to every aspect of BYU-Idaho. This special attribute is achieved because of the individual faithfulness and integrity of students and faculty. Learn about the "Principles of Personal Honor" and how they deeply enrich the educational experience.

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